DW Power GmbH is helping their customers to customize and design their own products by offering the following services like private label, logo design ,packaging design, video production and more.

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Private Label Services Germany

Private Label

Simple & Easy Customized Your Product Brand!

“Private Label Services is the best solution for those who want to start a new business or selling products with their brand. You will not be bothered with the packaging and labeling process anymore.”


A product will be more attractive if it is in retail form. The appearance and price of retail are the most crucial thing in selling products. However, not all companies have the time and energy to make and prepare retail products form. Especially for companies that are just starting a business or have many product variants.

DW Power Private Label Services is the right solution for all the above problems. We can help you to prepare anything concern with retail products. Everything is well handled. You can sell your brand product immediately when they arrive at your place.

We provide complete services from design, packaging printing to the packaging process. Everything is well handled by our experienced staff. We use good machines that are already certified and comply with food contact standards.

We are supported by the best packaging vendors, thus you can choose various types of packaging and appropriate sizes as you want. You can request Standing pouches, jars, carton boxes, or other types of customized packaging.This article offers free shipping on qualified Face mask products, or buy online and pick up in store today at Medical Department

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does Private Label Mean?

A private label product is manufactured and sold under buyers’ brand name. As the buyer, you specify everything about the product – what goes in it, how it’s packaged, what the label looks like. Make it yours, sell or distribute the product under the label you’ve created. Or keep it even simpler and have us add your logo and your brand to our label.

What is benefits of DW Power Private Label Products?

No fuss, wholesale buying–no manufacturing; we do that part for you. You can alter it in any way, any time you choose, because you own the legal rights. You’re buying the best quality products that have already been tested on the market, it’s encouraging your success. It provides you a high-quality sweetener that can be your branding to advertise your business.

How much minimum requirements For Private Labeling?

Contact our marketing staff by email at or WhatsApp for the minimum order and requirement for Private Label Service. Please don’t ask us for pricing in an email as we don’t share our price list and every private label situation is unique. We need to discuss all aspects and requirements with the client before calculating the price.

How Does Private Label Work?

There are two main options for turning DW Power products into your private label :

1. Select our existing product variant and size.

2. Discuss all aspects and requirements that you need in your label with our staff.

3. The next step is packaging your product with your logo or the name you’ve created for your brand, printed on our labels or on labels you provide. If you choose to design your own labels with your branding, we’ll send you the specs you’ll need once you’ve decided on package size.

How Does The Packaging Process Work?

If you decide to design your labels, you have to send your label to us so that we can apply it. If you prefer us to make the design for your label, we can help you to manage the design as you requested in an German company that specializes in label printing. You can also choose whether you want your product labeled or not.

What is packaging type availability?

Standing pouch, flat bottom, jar, carton box, and paper sack are available in all industry-standard sizes and weights.