Established in 2021

DW Power GmbH is founded in Germany Nordhausen Thüringen 2021 

Global leader

DW Power group is a global leader, offering a comprehensive suite of services, including food industry, media industry, expert consulting, tailored training, transformative digital solutions, and strategic outsourcing.
With afocuson innovation,we define businesses by optimizing operations,enhancing skills, and navigating the digital landscape. 
Our Consultancy Provides Strategic insights, while our training ensures skill development. Through digital transformation, we drive efficiency and growth. With strategic outsourcing, we  enable clients to streamline processes and access specialized expertise.
At DW Power, we are committed to delivering unparalleled solutions, propelling businesses toward sustained success in the ever-evolving global landscape. 

DW power gmbh nordhausen / Agriculture, industry and services

Nordhausen is the biggest city in a circuit of 60 km (37 mi), making it an important regional service hub for retail, medicine, education, government and culture (theatre, cinema etc.). A major shopping centre is the Südharz Galerie at Bahnhofstraße, and the Südharz Klinikum is one of the biggest hospitals in Thuringia.

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