Established in 2021

DW Power GmbH is founded in Germany Nordhausen Thüringen 2021 which distributes fresh natural and biodynamic food and supplements to big and small companies for resale.

Organic / conventional produce

We proudly provide DE natural and conventional food and supplements. All of our natural products are certified by Germany Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF). Also, we are working diligently with our local farms and farmers to provide us with the best and freshest food and supplements all year round.

We deliver quality and service you can trust.

Quality you can trust

DW Power GmbH’s food and supplements, we take pride in providing the best quality and the best price to our customers. We are dedicated to providing healthy and fresh organic produce. We work diligently with the top organic produce suppliers to get exactly what you need with the service you deserve.

Quality Source. We work closely with our local farmers and vendors to provide the freshest produce to the food and supplements service industry. We always follow BVL food safety guidelines, so our customers are able to streamline their own productions, knowing that our products have been handled with integrity.

Quality food safety. Our quality control and production team work together to integrate food safety modernization acts (FSMA) into our daily procedures and processes that are mapped out in our Hazard Analysis critical control point (HACCP) and good manufacturing practices (GMP). We are constantly updating and changing our guidelines to ensure we have the safest food safety procedures. Our food safety plan is then reviewed by accredited third party auditors every year to keep us on our toes to maintain the integrity of our processes. 

Quality. We believe that natural food and supplements are the present and the future. We are proud to be a certified organic processor by Germany Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF). We thank our partnering farmers and vendors, who provide us with quality organic produce, which we can then safely process and pass on to our customers

Work with us

If you are a German local farmer, don’t hesitate to join us