Procurement Consulting Services

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Procurement Consulting Services

Management of Tendering Procedures

  • Management of Prequalification of Tenderers;
  • Definition and presentation of tendering strategy to relevant stakeholders (incl. bidder list and evaluation criteria)
  • Definition and alignment of tendering documents, incl. definition of contract model and of PSL specific commercial concept
  • Issuance of tender, management of tender clarification requests, evaluation of tenders
  • Preparation and presentation of Recommendation of Award
  • Conclusion of the contract
  • Handover of the contract to procurement organization

Procurement Governance

Support in Definition of:

  • Corporate Procurement Guideline/Policy/ Functional Requirements/ for internal use within the company
  • Project Procurement Management Process and Guideline
  • Tendering Guideline and Process
  • Supplier Prequalification Guideline
  • Supplier Performance Review Presentation Template and Guideline
  • Contract Management Guideline and Process

Tendering Templates, Procedures & Guidelines

-Support & Definition of Tendering Guideline for internal use within the company

-Definition of Tendering Templates:

  • ITT – Invitation to Tender/ RFP – Request for Proposal
  • RFQ – Request for Quotation
  • RFI – Request for Information
  • Which comprise of:
  • Cover Letter
  • Instructions for Tenderers (IFT)
  • Acknowledgement of Receipt and Confirmation of Intent
  • Clarification Request Form
  • Technical Submission Structure
  • Commercial Submission Structure
  • Draft Scope of Work
  • Draft Price Schedule
  • Draft Commercial Conditions
  • Definition of Tender Evaluation Procedure and Templates
  • Draft Recommendation for Award with executive summary

Procurement Consulting Services Oil & Gas Industry, Well Construction Services

Category Management Well Construction Services:

  • Definition of Category Strategy Templates and Guidelines for Category Managers for research and strategy definition
  • Support and consulting in professional strategic planning for well construction categories, e.g. Directional Drilling, Wireline Logging, Drilling Fluids, Well Testing, Cementing Services and Equipment, Stimulation Services, Fishing, Drilling Tools etc.
  • Support in tendering process for any well construction services (offshore and onshore)
  • Conceptualization of discrete contract models per product line for well construction categories (e.g. Cementing Services, Drilling Fluids Services, Tubular Running Services, Directional Drilling Services, Drill Bits, Stimulation Services (hydraulic fracturing) vessel-based, offshore and onshore, well testing services etc.)
  • Conceptualization of partially and fully integrated well construction services contract models with performance-based remuneration (offshore and onshore)