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Arabica Roasted Coffee

DW Power GmbH is importing one of the best coffee in the world, coming from Brazil and Colombia and roasted and packaged in Germany.

Arabica Roasted Coffee

Roasted coffee has varieties of models and this depends greatly on the specification of each customer, however the same type 6 grain is usually used for export which is a high quality grain of good density and the roast is divided into three to four parts, Extra strong – strong- medium and weak.

Arabica Roasted Coffee

Model NumberRoasted Coffee Bean – 0001
Coffee BeanArabica
Shelf Life2 Years
Max. Moisture12%
Place of Origin

Sao Paulo, Brazil



250g, 500g, 1 Kg


Light, Medium, Dark Roasted


Our advantage in our products are the qualities of them and also the price, we always try to keep the price affordable but always maintaining the same quality, thus loyalating our customers. Advantage of our products in the market will be our price and our delivery times, being thus also the quality in that we offer.

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